Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Project TOYM@50

Dear TOYM Awardees:


2009 marks the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Outstanding Young Men

As we prepare for this momentous occasion, the TOYM Board is laying out the
program of activities that will fittingly celebrate the very meaning of the TOYM
Awards, that of excellence and service to others.

50 Projects @ TOYM's 50th!


We would like to solicit for project proposals from TOYM Awardees that may be
included in the line-up. The proposed project must adhere to the following
guidelines :

1. The proposed project must be consistent with any of the 4 Areas of Opportunities of the Junior Chamber International as follows :

a. INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITIES: opportunities for personal development such as seminars, trainings, workshops that help improve one's skills and personality

b. COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITIES: opportunities to pay it forward, to give back to the community, to take care of the environment and to become catalysts for positive change, serving the greater good of the society.

c. INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: opportunities to derive awareness and understanding among different cultures around the world; to build brotherly bonds, establish networks, and opportunity to contribute towards world peace, simply by creating goodwill and friendships.

d. BUSINESS AREA OF OPPORTUNITY: opportunities in business networking activities, encouraging entrepreneurship or preparing others for successful career and business endeavours with an eye on corporate responsibility.

2. It must be achievable within the year. We are open to all types of projects,
big and small. It can be a one-day project or longer but must be completed
before the end of the year 2009. We are encouraging variety of projects so all
ideas are welcome.

3. It must, ideally, be self liquidating, any funding required realistically

4. Highly encouraged that the proponent is already very passionate about the
project and is willing to lead a group of Junior Chamber International members
in the conduct of the said project.

5. If an awardee already has an on-going project they would like to be included
in this roster of 50 activities, such a proposal is most welcome.

Guidelines for submissions:

1. Basic information required
  • a. Name of Proponent
  • b. Name of Project
  • c. Short Description of the Project
  • d. Estimated Target Beneficiaries
  • e. Estimated Time-frame from planning to execution
  • f. Estimated Budget
  • g. Estimated Manpower Required

2. Deadline for submission is on or before August 17, 2009.

Please submit the above info to lhen_toym @ yahoo.com or fax to JCIP Secretariat

Please take this opportunity to play a major role in TOYM's 50th Anniversary.
Let us, together, make positive impact, the kind that TOYM's prestigious alumni
is capable of.

Very Truly Yours,

Executive Director
TOYM Foundation, Inc